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The staff working in Year 5 are:
Mrs Holden
Mrs Pollard
Mrs Malik
Miss Aisha
Mr Vellacott
Mrs Asghar
Mrs Pollard

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Autumn 1

Welcome to 2024! The children in Year 5 have already positively embraced the return to school after a well-deserved break.

This half term promises lots of memorable learning opportunities;

After completing ‘The Explorer’, our exciting rainforest-based adventure story for English, we’ll be moving on up to the mountains. To tie in with our ‘Momentous Mountains’ theme for spring, we’ll be studying a non-fiction text which brings to life the daring exploits of real climbers and adventurers.

In maths, we’ll be spending time to develop our multiplication and division skills, as well as investigating prime numbers, multiples, factors, as well as square and cube numbers.

As scientists we will be carrying out experiments to test the properties of different materials, before selecting the most appropriate material for a specific purpose.

We’re really looking forward to our team building day trip to Nell Bank Outdoor Adventure Centre, near Ilkley. The itinerary arranged by Mrs Holden offers a range of experiences and challenges to help the children push themselves out of their comfort zones and develop self-confidence and collaboration skills. Keep an eye on the school Twitter feed for updates on the day!

Please encourage your child to discuss what they’ve been learning about once they get home. This, along with regular reading aloud to an adult, Times Tables Rock Stars practise and completing weekly homework from the suggested homework menu, will help them continue to make progress across Year 5.

Spring 1 Thematic Planning
Spring 1 Thematic Planning - Maths Cover Sheet


Autumn 2 Review

The end of 2023 has certainly felt like a very busy time for our fantastic Year 5 pupils!

As part of our school’s work towards becoming a certified ‘School of Sanctuary’, we were fortunate to be able to welcome a group of refugees from Keighley College. Hearing first-hand about the challenging and often traumatic experiences of refugees prior to arriving in Keighley helped pupils and staff understand more about why people choose to flee other countries. We used the experience to write positive, welcoming letters to send to people settling here from war-torn countries. Each class discussed how they could describe the positive aspects of Keighley, before planning and writing their own unique letter.

In maths this half term, we’ve been developing our addition and subtraction skills specifically – increasing our confidence with column calculation, exchanges, mental strategies, and rounding and estimation.

Our new novel for English, The Explorer, by Katherine Rundell, kicked off with a real ‘bang’. It tells the story of a group of young children who are miraculously the only survivors of an aeroplane crash deep in the Amazon rainforest, with only their wits to help them stay alive long enough to be rescued, in a hostile environment with new dangers lurking around every tree trunk…

In science this term, we’ve been understanding more about ‘animals and living things’, and more specifically, their life cycles. We began the topic by researching and comparing the life cycles of two different classifications of animals: a frog (an amphibian) and a butterfly (an insect). We discovered that some plants clone (make copies) of themselves, while others rely on insects to spread pollen to other plants.

Our school was lucky enough to receive a free set of 30 Micro:Bits from the BBC this year. Micro:Bits are small, programmable computers, designed to help users understand more about coding. We spent time in the IT Suite to create a sequence of instructions (called an algorithm) to turn the Micro:Bits into a digital name badge, and to display simple digital animations.

We developed our artistic skills further by studying the work of famous northern painter LS Lowry, specifically his ‘Coming Home from the Mill’ picture. The painting showcases his famous ‘matchstick men’ representations of people going about the lives during the late industrial revolution period.

Both classes enjoyed putting their sewing skills to the test with Miss Aminah in Enrichment, by creating a ‘fish’ pin cushion and cross stich bookmark. Our year group was among the first to attempt to beat various World Records with Mr Whittaker during the new Commando Joe’s activity challenges our school has invested in.

The Year 5 & 6 girls’ sports teams have enjoyed taking part in a netball and a dodgeball competition so far this year – working well as a team on both occasions and representing the best of Eastwood.

The final week of term also featured the Upper Key Stage 2 showcase assembly, where all four classes from Years 5 and 6 were able to share their learning journey so far this year with families, in the form of a presentation. We were delighted by the support shown - thank you!

Autumn 2

Children in Year 5 have returned to school after the half term break ready to build on the positive routines and behaviour we begun to establish at the start of the year.

The run up to Christmas is always an exceptionally busy time and this year is no different;

In our English lessons, we will be exploring the fictions text; ‘The Explorer’ written by Katherine Rundell.  We will be making predictions based on half of the front cover. We will read the text and answer retrieval and inference questions based on its content. 

Later in the half term, we will be summarising a recent newspaper report to a plane crash in the Amazon and comparing it to our text. We will be using a range of sentence types and grammatical devices in order to produce a newspaper report which we will then use to extend into a spoken report.

Our maths focus this half term will be on developing our addition and subtraction skills, with opportunities to apply new knowledge to real-world scenarios and more complex number problems.

We’ll be continuing our learning about rivers in Geography – this time focussing on the Amazon, which is also the setting for our English text.

In Science we will be investigating the process of reproduction in plants and animals and creating a timeline to indicate stages of growth in humans. Later in the half term, we’ll conduct experiments on various types of materials to learn more about their properties and uses.

Collaboration and inclusive are a key part of school vision and values, and we’ll be discussing how we can value our differences in PHSCE.

Children will access our ICT suite to develop word processing and presentation skills, helping prepare them for life in the digital age in which we live, as well as improving confidence when addressing an audience.

Our first assessment week of this year is scheduled for the start of December, shortly before we end the year with a fantastic showcase assembly. We’ll see you there!

Thematic Planning - Autumn 2 (Maths Cover Sheet)

Autumn 1 Review

Pupils across both Year 5 classes have had a really positive return to school after the half term break, continuing to build on the excellent engagement and progress made so far this year.

Last half term, we read the short novel ‘Song of the River’, exploring the emotional journey undertaken by Cari, the main character of the story. The children showed real empathy with Cari, and have produced some excellent work, including a river setting description (with inspiration from our Malham trip).

The book tied in perfectly with our Theme topic for this term – Keighley and its rivers. As geographers, Year 5 have studied the formation and stages of rivers from source to estuary, exploring the many features and landscapes encountered along the way.

The whole year group enjoyed a full day out walking around Malham in the Yorkshire Dales, where we followed the path of the River Aire, past Janet’s Foss waterfall, and up to Gordale Scar.

In Maths, we have continued the development of our number and place value knowledge and skills, working with numbers all the way up to one million.

Year 5 have made an impressive start to sporting activities, which saw the introduction of our new school PE scheme. Children have been challenged to work collaboratively, self-evaluate, and improve reaction times.

Staff across Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed meeting families who were able to attend the parents’ consultation meetings at the end of last half term, and it is clear to see the children are trying hard with personal targets identified during those meetings.

Autumn 1 Review - 01   Autumn 1 Review - 02  

5BV at the end of a long day at Malham


Enjoying a group fitness session in PE

Autumn 1 Review - 03   Autumn 1 Review - 04  

Outdoor learning trip to Heber’s Ghyll


5KH at Gordale Scar, Malham



Autumn 1

Welcome back! After a well-deserved break, our Year 5 pupils have returned to school full of enthusiasm and excitement for everything this year has in store.

Rules, routines and expectations have been the focus of our first few days in our new classrooms, and the children have already demonstrated good behaviour for learning and their increasing maturity.

In Maths, we have begun the year by refreshing our place value knowledge, and will move on to reading, writing and rounding numbers up to 1,000,000. We will be practising arithmetic each week throughout the year.

Our Science topic this half term will include the life cycles of living things, as well as the process of reproduction in plants and animals.

For English, we have begun by making predictions around what we think our novel ‘Song of the River’ may be about, using evidence found on the cover. The book centres around a river, the natural habitat it offers to wildlife, and the risk of flooding.

The fictional text links well with our geography topic of ‘What’s it worth? (River, Worth and Aire)’. Our children will develop their understanding of the geological, societal and economic impact of the rivers Aire and Worth on Keighley over time.

Thematic Planning - English
Thematic Planning - Maths

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