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Welcome to the Nursery class page

The staff in Nursery are:
Mrs Herrington - Early Years Foundation Leader

Mrs Sameera - Lead Nursery Nurse

Mrs Shahzad Miss Halima (pm)
Mrs Shanaz Mrs Bilkis (am)
Mrs Farzana (pm) Mrs Kulsuma (pm)

Latest news from Nursery

Summer 2

Down at the Farm

This half term we will be looking at farm animals. We will be looking at all the different animals that live on the farm. We will be talking about what the animals eat. What do we get from the animals e.g. cow we get milk from the cows. What noises do they make? We will be going to a farm to see the animals where we can feed the animals.

We will be using the following books to create an exciting few weeks.

Summer 2 Books

Summer 2 Thematic Planning

Here is a video where you can learn about different animals.


Summer 1 Review

Growing Full of Beans

What a great half-term we have had!

We are always amazed at how quickly the children settle were with lots of smiles, giggles and eager to play.

We have been learning all about growing. We have been planting lots of beans and sunflowers. We planted them into small plants and once they have grown we took them to our own allotments and we planted them there. The Children had lots of opportunities to explore different art materials to create some beautiful art work which was displayed for our families in the community outside the class room. The Children produced some amazing Hungry Caterpillar work.

Summer 1

This half tem our theme is all about Growing full of beans. We will be planting various seeds and beans using plant pots, jam jars and food bags using tissue paper. Once they have grown we will be taking the children to the allotments so that they can grow. The children will be learning what a plant needs to help it grow.

We have made a Garden Centre for the children as a role play area. In our garden centre we can use different gardening tools. We also will be going to Woodbank Garden Centre in Wilsden.

These are the different books that we will cover this half term

Summer 1 Thematic Planning

Summer 1 Books

Spring 2 Review

It was wonderful to have all our Nursery children back to school last half term.

The children settled back in with big smiles, enthusiasm and motivation.

We enjoyed several stories over the course of the half term, focusing on a theme about castles. The most popular story was “Cinderella”. This is because Cinderella went to a ball. At the end of the week the children could dress up in their prince and princess clothes and go to the ball. We made invitations and made face masks.

The children were able to dress up as knights, kings and queens. They took part in role play link to the story “In the castle”


Castle Rapunzel Dragon Cinderella daisy Dragons


We have enjoyed having a Castle in our role play area, practicing our speaking, listening and conversational skills. It has been a good opportunity to dress up as knight. The children had fun playing with the swords

Spring 2

Castles, Knights and Dragons

Welcome back, we hope you had a restful week at home. This half term, our theme is called “Castles, Knights and Dragons”. We will be finding out all about Castles such as: who lives in a Castle?

The children will be learning about different families, communities and traditions, whilst celebrating and valuing cultural, religious and community events and experiences.

We will be using books and stories of the theme “Castles, Knights and Dragons”

Castle Rapunzel Dragon Cinderella daisy Dragons

Imaginative role play area has become an Eastwood Castle where the children can dress up as knights. They can grow their imaginations and practice using new vocabulary.        

The children will be continuing with the phonics programme and will be confidently blending new sounds into simple words. They will be able to read some tricky words on sight.

We have planned a mini bus trip to visit Skipton Castle where we can find out about the ancient buildings as well for different shapes in the environment!

Spring 2 Thematic Planning

Autumn 2 Review

This half term our theme is “Fantastic Food.”

The children learned the story of Oh Dear and The Little Red Hen. There was lots of re-telling the story in their own way using props to help them.  We went to the allotments to see the hens and collected eggs. We talked about where eggs come from and then used them in our baking and to make delicious sandwiches. The children really enjoyed going to the allotments. It was a nice walk.

Nursery - Autumn 2 Review - 02 Nursery - Autumn 2 Review - 01

We had a brilliant end to the first week when we invited our families to come to our early Years “50 Things to Do Before your 5” re-launch. We had an “outdoor” theme and enjoyed toasting marshmallows on a campfire.


The children have been very good at telling the adult what they want for snack. The children were able to say please and thank you as we sat down in a circle for snack time.

Children have been able to go into Pastoral group and able to clap their names. They can do this by saying it in a sentence. My name is……….

Spring 1 - Thematic Planning - It's Cold Outside

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