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The staff in Nursery are:
Mrs Sameera Mrs Budimir 
Mrs Waters Mrs Rajun
Miss Kulsumah Mrs Asma

Latest news from Nursery

Spring 1

This term has led us on many different paths. We have been talking about ‘People who help us’. Everyone has enjoyed taking on the role of doctor and patient and it has been surprising how much our children new already. The large fire engine has been a great hit and we have been learning to take turns riding it and operating its ladders.

Lots of children have been using the blocks both large and small to create enclosures some of them symmetrical. Repeating patterns has been a theme and some of us have even managed to make one using three colours!

We have been learning to make the most of different textures too. We are beginning to take risks knowing that we can all wear aprons and clean ourselves up once we have finished. It is all in a day’s work. We have been strengthening our finger muscles by squeezing, patting, rolling and poking different materials.

Autumn 2

This half term we have been learning about making and tasting a variety of foods from different stories. The children have been to shops in the local area including Asda and Jacks to buy ingredients.

We had the launch day of “50 things before you are five” when our parents joined their children in nursery helping them with the exciting activities available. We enjoyed marshmallows and hot chocolate at our camp fire.

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term has been ‘Come on over to my house’. We have been thinking about different types of houses and who might live there. Our stories have included a tree house, a nest, a mud hut and a terrace in a street and we have been joining in with all of the exciting parts.

We have talked about our own family and friends and our nursery family. A big part of our time has been spent settling in to Nursery itself and all of the older children have played an important part in making our new friends feel welcome. We are learning to sort and categorise so that we can remember where things are kept. We need to look very carefully at all the things that are on offer.

We have been on trips into the park and down to the allotment and have been looking for signs of autumn collecting leaves, acorns, conkers and berries. The berries collected were made into jam, then we played with the seeds and juice which was left over. We looked for seeds, opened pods, and even cut them open to find what was inside. Someone even investigated whether they would float or sink. We have been counting how many worms, slugs and snails we could find and trying find out where they live too so that we would be able to find more.

Summer 1

This half Term we have been learning about growing things. 

We have made some new planters and have planted lots of flowers, vegetables, trees and bushes. We have visited the Garden Centre and the allotment  and have measured the plants as they have grown. The children have investigated to size and shape of the leaves and petals, their smell and taste and how they feel. 

We looked at our lives and how we have grown and changed from young babies and talked about what we can do now that we couldn't do before.

We looked at balloons blowing them up and got very excited when they got bigger and bigger! We even had some fun with water bombs on hot days. Although we always love water as long as we get dressed in our waterproof clothes.

Finally we have looked at The very Hungry Caterpillar and discussed how he too grew bigger and bigger. 

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