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Latest news from Nursery

Spring 1

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all. This half term, our theme is called ‘Its Cold Outside! We will be using books and stories to cover the theme of “Its Cold Outside.”

 Dot in the Snow Gruffalo One Winters Day  One Snowy Night Iris and Isaac Star in the Jar


The imaginative role play area has become a Winter shop where the children can dress up in waterproof clothing also wearing hats and gloves for the cold weather to keep themselves warm.

In maths we will be learning about 2D shapes and use the language sides e.g corners, sides flat, straight and round

We will be focusing on keeping warm by zipping up our coats independently, putting on gloves and hats by ourselves and finding ways to keep warm outside by running around and jumping. We have planned trips to visit Prince of Wales Park in Bingley and Riddlesden woods this half term.

Spring 1 - Thematic Planning

Please take a look at the 50 things link where you will find lots of great ideas that are mostly cost free and exciting for both you and your children to share. Please ask a member of the team for any further advice, we are always happy to help

> Bradford 50 Things to Do

50 Things Before 5 Bradford

Autumn 2 Review - Pat a Cake Pat a Cake

We have enjoyed learning the story of The Little Red Hen and Red Riding Hood. There was lots of re-telling of the story in their own way using props to help them.  We went to our local supermarket which is Asda to buy ingredients to make dough for our own bread. Children were smelling, looking, touching, and asking lots of questions about the bread dough.

We had an EYFS Great Outdoor open day with many parents attending. We Safety made our own campfire where we had hot chocolate with oat biscuits and pink tea for the parents. 

The children have been very good at telling the adults what they want for snack sharing their own preferences of what they like and dislike. The children were able to say please and thank you as we sat down in a circle for snack time.

In our Pastoral group we say our names slowly in its natural rhythm, then say our names and clap each syllable as you do. For e.g Mrs Sameera. Then say Mrs Sa-mee-ra clapping as you say each part.


Autumn 2

Welcome back to you all. This half term, our theme is called “Food Glorious Food”. We will be using books and stories to cover the theme of “Food Glorious Food”. 


Daisy Eat Your Peas Nursery - Autumn 2 Review - 02 Goldilocks and the Three Bears Little Red Riding Hood The Gingerbread Man Little Robin Red Breast Dear Santa


We will be learning all about food and taking advantages of our local supermarket and different Café’s. We will praise them for tasting the food sensibly. We would like the children to experience a range of taste and of variety different foods in season.

Thematic Planning - Autumn 2

Autumn 1 Review - Elmer

We have had a wonderful first half term in Nursery. We are so proud of the children for settling in to their new classes with happiness and resilience.

The children have been learning “Elmer” story books as a theme. The children confidently tell the story out loud using actions and gestures and expressive story telling voices. The children have really enjoyed all the different Elmer books. Children have been trying to write their first initial letter of their name.

We have managed to get out and about in our learning outside the classroom. We walked to Cliffe Castle to observe the changing seasons from summer to autumn and collect leaves, acorns and conkers for our discovery table.

Autumn 1

Welcome back to you all. This half term, our theme is called “Marvellous Me and Fantastic Families”. We will be using books and stories to cover the theme of “Marvellous Me and Fantastic Families”.  

Maisy Goes to PreSchool What I Like About Me Elmer Elmers Friends Elmers Colors Elmers Weather Five Minutes


The children will be encouraged to talk about themselves, their homes and their families. We will be learning the initial sound of their name and recognise those of their peers. Talk about numbers important to them, their age, their house number and how many people live in their house. Making connections between them and the numerals themselves is crucial. We will be looking at the stories Elmer’s Friends, Elmer’s Weather and Elmer’s Colours and the large family.

Thematic Planning - Autumn 1


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