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Latest news from Year 3

Summer 1

What are we learning about now?

This half term, we are learning about the Jurassic World. We are still following the weekly subject approach. We began our learning by researching different historical questions about dinosaurs. This then led the children producing a mind map of all their independent research and ideas which they presented to the other groups. As part of our English lessons, our key text has been Katie and the Dinosaurs. The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and have written their own setting descriptions using a range of grammatical features and vocabulary. The final outcome of this learning journey was to innovate the ending to the story. All the staff are extremely pleased with how enthusiastic the children have been about producing their final outcome. Throughout the rest of the half term we still have art and DT week to look forward to. We will be creating our very own exploding volcanoes and in science we will be making our own rock types using chocolate! In maths we started the half term by focussing on place value and then moving on to addition and subtraction.


How can I learn at home?

  • Remember to read every day for at least 30 minutes. You can download GetEpic reading app and choose from the 1000’s of books on there for free.

  • You can also use Mymaths, Education City, BBC Bitesize, National Oak Academy, Pobble and Prodigy. 

Summer 1 - Overview Planning- The Jurassic World

Spring 2 Review

What did we learn about last half term?

Due to school closures, we focussed our home learning on a specific area of the curriculum which changed each week. The children accessed this learning through their home learning packs or at school with their teachers and friends. Once we were all back at school, we wanted to ensure that the children were given engaging and practical opportunities to recreate their enthusiasm and love for learning. The children learnt all about the skeletal system and to keep our learning ‘sticky’ the children recreated their own models of the skeletal and muscular systems using playdough! The children wrote letters to the bodies of either a healthy person or an unhealthy person expressing how their lifestyle was affecting them. The children developed their skills at drawing real life objects. We sketched acorns that the children had picked as they linked with our class text, “The Promise”. We taught the children the skills of editing their work and being resilient and the hard work paid off because the final sketches were amazing!

                                           IMG_1326      IMG_1327

Spring 1

This is what we should have been doing!

Our theme this half term would have been ‘Jurassic World’. In previous years, the year 3 children have thoroughly enjoyed this theme as they learn all about the time of dinosaurs. The children then have the opportunity to create their own timelines for the Mesozoic era. In English, our text would have been, ‘Katie and the Dinosaurs’. The children would have created their own endings to the story, made inferences about the events in the story and then gone on to write a book review. In maths, due to having a recovery curriculum in place to allow the children to catch up on learning that they have missed, we were going to focus on year 3 place value. This involves the children learning the 3, 4 and 8 times tables and also focusses on numbers and their value within a 3 digit number.  

This is what we are doing now.

After seeing the new displays and talking about our new theme, we know how excited the children were to start the Jurassic World theme. Due to the current circumstances, unfortunately we have not managed to start our new theme and this is now put on hold for the time being. Instead, we are providing weekly home learning packs for the children to learn remotely from home. The plan can be found on the COVID page of the website along with a time table of the learning happening each week.

Whether the children are at learning remotely from home, or at school, they will be doing the same learning. Each learning journey will be very similar to how we teach in school. For guided reading, the children will still follow the stages of prediction, retrieval and inference and in maths, the children have been given links which will provided access to a video with a taught lesson that will support the activity that follows.

We have decided to follow our school ‘Word of the Week’ and each week, will focus our PHSCE and art activities based around this theme.

Further Support

If you require further support, please do get in touch view the school phone number or email address. Please also refer to the links below which provide videos and resources that will be useful for you to support your child/ren’s learning at home.

Autumn 2 Review

During this term, we had the opportunity to look at a range of explorers and learn all about the fantastic things that they discovered. We were able to look at both explorers of the past and recent explorers. We began the half term by looking at and researching all about Tim Peake. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching his videos from space! We also learnt all about the famous explorer, Captain Cook, who discovered Australia. We used all of our research about Captain Cook to then produce our very own biographies about him. In English, the text that we studied was, ‘The Man on the Moon’. We made predictions, explored lots of new vocabulary and wrote a newspaper report. In maths, we looked at the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We learnt about all of the different methods such as arrays, using concrete objects and representations that we can use in order to solve problems involving these calculations.

Autumn 1 Review

It has been great to see our children again. We are extremely proud of them and all that has been achieved in Year 3 this half term. The children have settled extremely well into their new classes and routines and have made great progress. In Year 3 we have enjoyed reading ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’ in English. The children have produced some wonderful letters in the role of Duncan.

Over the past few weeks the children have been really enthusiastic in our Art lessons in which they have produced some amazing pictures that represent their emotions. These are now displayed in the corridor for everyone to admire.


Autumn 1

We have been delighted to welcome back our children after such a long time. The children have settled into their new classes and have made a great start getting to know their new teachers and adapting within their new bubbles. We are extremely proud of the children following all the new rules put into place to keep them safe. We are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead. 

This half term our theme is Feelings and Emotions. Throughout this half term we will be sharing our experiences with each other allowing the children to explore different feelings. In English we will be reading the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. The text covers a wide range of emotions such as: anger, loneliness and frustration. The children have had the opportunity to make predictions based on illustrations and used the text to answer questions both retrieval and inference. The children will then use the skills learnt to write a letter discussing all the feelings that have been experienced in the text.

Through our theme we will be learning about the intensity of emotions and how to cope with them as well how to support others. We will practice different ways of looking after our mental health such as mindfulness. During our PSHCE lessons, there have been a lot of opportunity of talk about and role play how to deal with your emotions and reactions to different scenarios.

In Maths we will be learning to read, write, order and compare numbers. As part of our work we will be showing different ways to represent the numbers using objects and pictorial representations. We will also be practising our 2, 5, 10 and 3 tables and our basic numbers facts (doubling, number bonds and adding and subtracting numbers).

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