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The staff working in Year 3 are:
 Miss Higgins
Miss Mel (am)
Mrs Gilmartin (Wednesday am)
Mrs Ickringill
Miss Rehana (am)
Mr Wilson

Latest news from Year 3

Spring 2 Review

PSHCE - The Brain and Body Workshop

Melody came into to school and taught Year 3 all about the brain and how it works. We learnt that the brain tells our heart to keep beating – without our brain our heart would stop working and we would die. We also learnt about what the liver does. It does 500 vital jobs to keep our bodies healthy. One of the main functions is as a filter that gets rid all the waste products we make. We enjoyed the workshop because some children got to wear a special t-shirt which showed what the inside of our bodies looks like on the big screen.



International Day

International Day was lots of fun because our parents came into school to learn with us. In 3MI we learnt all about Syria and in 3CH we learnt about Italy. During the afternoon lots of parents gave up their time and became pupils at Eastwood for the afternoon. We did a fascinating fact hunt around the classroom looking for information about our featured country. The classrooms were very full with all the extra people in them. In 3MI you could hardly move! We are looking forward to the next time our parents are able to visit and spend time with us in school.

Forces and Magnets


Forces and Magents

In Science we learnt all about forces and magnets. We now know that magnets are attracted to iron, nickel and cobalt but they are not attracted to aluminium. The two main forces that we use everyday – without really noticing – are PUSH and PULL. Have to ever wondered what force you are using when you ride a bike? We know that it is PUSH as you move the pedals around. We also learnt about FRICTION. This is the force that stops or slows objects from moving. We really enjoyed using the magnets to make the paperclips move.

International Day

Spring 1 Review

Year 3 - Spring 1 review - 01

Number Day was FUN!

Imagine our surprise when we came into the classroom on Friday morning to find that our tables had been written all over. Miss Higgins and Mrs Ickringill had been really busy setting up lots of exciting activities and challenges for us to tackle throughout the day. We played games which made us use our multiplication skills and worked together to solve maths problems and investigations. We always love maths in Year 3, but Number Day was even more interesting and exciting than usual.

Year 3 - Spring 1 review - 02

Nell Bank Trip – A Fab Day Out!

It was Monday the 8th January and we all arrived at school dressed up warm and cosy.

The day had finally arrived – it was time for our trip to Nell Bank.

Although it was a cold day, the rain stayed away long enough for us to enjoy all the amazing activities that the Fantastic team at Nell Bank had prepared for us. We got to build our own outdoor shelters, create our own cave paintings, weave baskets and we even got to experience making fire using cotton wool pads, a flint Firestarter and a piece of slate. We learnt how important it was to never try to light a fire without an adult and when the ground is dry.

 Year 3 - Spring 1 review  - 03

Disgusting Digestion

In Science we learnt all about nutrition and how the digestive system works. As you can see from the faces on some of the photographs, not everyone was very happy about our experiment. We tried to recreate how our bodies break down the food and attempted to measure which meal would be the most nutritious for us to eat. Jacket potato with cheese and beans came out on top. Yummy!


Autumn 1

In English we will be using the books Stone Age Boy and The Stone Age Hunter Gatherers and Woolly Mammoths. The children will develop their use of reading skills such as inferring how the characters feel throughout their journeys. They will be using adverbial phrases, writing in paragraphs and they will do this by writing a diary entry as well as innovating the story themselves.

In Maths our focus for this half term is multiplication and division. The children will recall and use multiplication facts for the 3, 4 and 8x tables. They will learn how to calculate multiplication and division using metal and formal written methods. They will also solve missing number problems using the inverse operation (trio triangles).

This term our science work will focus on Animals including humans. We will learn how we get nutrition from the food which we eat.  We will learn about the importance of a balanced diet and having the right amounts of nutrition.  We will also explore the purpose of the skeleton in humans and animals, and learn about some of the muscles in our bodies.

During History we will be learning about the Stone Age. We will describe events from the past using dates when things happened. Timelines will be used to set ou the order that things may have happened andresearch skills will also be used to find answers to specific historical questions. In ART we will be learning to use sketches to produce a final piece of artwork (cave paintings). We will create a background by using a wash. We will also use different grades of pencil to shade and to show different tones and textures. Our PHSCE focus is all about how to keep ourselves safe and who we can go to for help if we feel that a situation is unsafe. Understanding how to assess and manage risks. We will also be learning about why it is not safe to share your personal information online.

Year 3 Thematic Planning

Autumn 2 Review

Our theme this half term was Our Town Through time.  We explored and learnt about our town and described historical buildings. The children learnt how to use grid references to plot where the historical buildings were situated in our town. In addition to this they researched how the town has changed over the last 100 years. 

In our English lessons, we will be studied a book about Keighley looking at famous people, buildings and events. We wrote a non-chronological report about Keighley and then moved onto the story of ‘The Railway Children’. Year 3 loved finding out about the three children and how they got used to their new life by the railway. The children learnt to use a range of grammar and punctuation in order to help them improve their writing skills. We ended the half term by creating a range of different acrostic poems and riddles with a festive theme.

For our maths unit this half term, we focussed on how to add and subtract both mentally and using a formal written method (Column addition and subtraction). Throughout the lessons, we will worked on real life problems and discussed how we use addition and subtraction skills in everyday life. By the end of the half term, Year 3 were much more confident when adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers from 3-digit number and 3-digit from 3-digit numbers. It was lovely to see them set their work out using the squares and in correct place value columns.

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