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Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 6! After a long time away from school, Year 6 have come back to school eager and enthusiastic to learn! Currently, the whole school theme is based around emotions so Year 6 have been thinking in great detail about their mental health and the mental health of those around them. They have identified positivity and optimism as key traits needed to get through this tricky time by creating positivity balloons, happy places and superheroes. In English, Year 6 have been reading Wonder by R.J. Palecio and exploring the challenges August (the main character) faces when going to school for the first time. Year 6 have developed their retrieval and inference skills when reading and completed comic strips, role on the wall for August and axis of emotions to document what happens to the characters and how their emotions change throughout the story. In Maths, Year 6 are focusing upon Place Value. They have explored the value of different digits in numbers up to 10,000,000 as well as thinking about decimal and negative numbers. Year 6 have also been lucky enough to experience some Outdoor Learning; visiting the allotment, autumnal walk around Cliffe Castle and archery in Victoria Park.

Spring 1

In Spring 1 Term, we started a new Theme topic: World Superpowers. We spent the term researching life in the USA and explored the turmoil of the slave trade. In Literacy, we read Louis Sachar’s fabulously entertaining story: There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom. The children produced some tremendous writing which focussed on alternate endings to some hilarious, and touching, moments in various chapters. In Maths, we developed our knowledge of Fractions and Decimals and explored a variety of reasoning-based challenges.   

Read an excerpt from Mohammed’s alternate chapter ending below and download the full piece of writing:

He quickly spun around his face went pale as if he had seen a ghost!

“Sorry if I startled you,” apologised the woman, “my name’s Carla Davis.” It was a woman who was aged between 20-25 who was wearing a polo neck red top it had a beautiful horizon with silhouettes of a beach with the words ‘rock and roll’ scribbled all over it. She wore a light blue denim jacket and she had her silky brown hair in a very messy bun with colourful stubby ended pencils poining through each side. The room was even crazier there were all types of absurd paintings some were distorted and detailed that you couldn’t tell what they were. Both the room and Carla were colourful and fashionable.

“You must be Jeff?” she asked

“Is this really the councillor’s office?” he questioned Carla, doubtfully.

He couldn’t believe that she didn’t even dress appropriately like the other teachers, she wasn’t even one, even though she was helping in Red Hill Primary School. Did the headteacher approve this?

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