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Latest news from Reception

Spring Term 1

Welcome back and 'Happy New Year' to you all. This half term, the theme is called ‘Here come the Bears’.

The children arrived and were extremely excited to find numerous large footprints in the classroom! We wonder who they belong to!

Footprint 1   Foot print 3   Footprint 2

Throughout this half term the children will have an opportunity to find out who they belong to and lots of interesting facts about bears such as: Where do they live? What do they eat? How big are they?     

The children will be learning about different families, communities and traditions, whilst celebrating and valuing cultural, religious and community events and experiences.

We will be using books and stories to drive the theme of “Here come the Bears”

We are going on a bear hunt Bumble Bear The Cave                              G Bears P BearBears don't read

The imaginative role play area has become a ‘Winter Cafe’ where the children can write menus, make cups of tea while chatting to their friends and customers! They can grow their imaginations and practice using new vocabulary. There will be opportunities to apply newly learned literacy and mathematical skills in purposeful situations.    

In maths, the children will be exploring the composition of numbers up to 10 and beyond. They will be learning to understand one more than/one less than relationship between consecutive numbers. They  will be learning to recall number bonds to 10 for example. 5+5-=10. They will also be learning about size and capacity.

The children will be continuing with the phonics programme and will be learning to blend new sounds into simple words.

We have planned trips to visit Asda Cafe and Cliffe Castle this half term.

Spring 1 Thematic Planning - Here Come The Bears!

Autumn 2 Review

“A Sprinkle of Magic”

Last term felt very magical in Reception.

We started the term by learning about the Hindu Festival of Diwali, alongside Bonfire Night and Halloween.

The role play “Magic Shop” was very popular and the children wrote some super spells and mixed some marvellous potions.

We have visited the school allotments in our Outdoor Learning sessions to help clear the dead plants ready for winter. The children each had a sparkler to celebrate all their hard work!

The children all learned to ride the balance bikes which was quite a tricky skill to learn. 

 Rec - Aut 2 Review - 01

We made the most of our first snowy day and wrapped up so we could explore the snow.

Rec - Aut 2 Review - 02 

The children are making great progress with their phonics and reading and are beginning to segment and blend simple words to help them read our Rocket Phonics books which they are taking home.

We had a brilliant end to the first week when we invited our families to come to our early Years “50 Things to Do Before 5” re-launch. We had an “outdoor” theme and enjoyed toasting marshmallows on a campfire. The parents helped the children with outdoor firework crafts and magic potion making.

One of the highlights of last term was our visit to Bradford Cathedral. We went by train, which was very exciting. The children were fascinated by the ancient building and learned a lot about how Christians celebrate Christmas. Another great trip was to our local Keighley Mosque. It was a perfect opportunity to learn about the similarities and differences between different special places.

Rec - Aut 2 Review - 03



Autumn 1 Review - Funnybones

We have had a wonderful first half term in Reception. We are so proud of the children for settling in to their new classes with happiness, resilience and enthusiasm.

The children have been learning about themselves, their emotions and how their bodies work, using the “Funnybones” story books as a theme. The children confidently tell the story out loud using actions and gestures and expressive story telling voices. It has been super to see the children acting out the story in their own imaginative play with puppets, masks and Skelton costumes.

The children were very excited to take their first reading books to share at home. The children will be able to spot all the letter sounds we have been learning in phonics this term. They can also talk about the pictures and what is happening in the story.

We have managed to get out and about in our learning outside the classroom. This has included visits to the school allotment where we picked blackberries and rhubarb and dug up potatoes. We walked to Cliffe Castle to observe the changing seasons from summer to autumn and collect leaves, acorns and conkers for our discovery table. We used Victoria Park trim trail and outdoor gym to find out about the effects of exercise on our bodies. We have walked to the local shops and supermarkets with the children’s own shopping lists to buy ingredients and snacks.

Reception - Autumn 1 Review 01 Reception - Autumn 1 Review 02 Reception - Autumn 1 Review 03 Reception - Autumn 1 Review 04

Autumn 1

Welcome to Reception

It has been great to welcome back the children after such a long period of time. We are incredibly proud of all the children and how well they have settled into their new Reception class fulltime. They all seem to be enjoying our classroom lunchtimes together and are showing lots of independence.

What will we be learning about this half term

This half term our theme is Funnybones! We will be focusing on the Funnybones books and learning all about the characters, setting and their adventures. We will be retelling the story in groups and using things like puppets. We will have a big focus on pencil grip and writing our name as well as working on the numbers 1-3. Please see the thematic overview for lots more information and ideas! For our outdoor learning this half term we will be visiting the allotments, Cliffe Castle and Devonshire Park.

                IMG_4006              IMG_4045          IMG_3978

Autumn 1 - Overview Planning- Funnybones

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