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Autumn 2

Room on the BroomIn this next half term we are hoping to bring a bit of “Magic and Sparkle” to our Reception classes. We will be reading “Room on The Broom”, “Winnie The Witch”, The Story of “Rama and Sita”, “The Colour Monster” and “Wake Up Charlie Dragon”. Through these stories we will be learning about different celebrations including birthdays, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Christmas, weddings and other special family times. Alongside Phase 2 and 3 phonics and reading we will be exploring rhyming, list making and labelling as well as all the independent writing in all areas of provision. Talking and communication will be a big focus for us this half term and we will be encouraging the children to speak in sentences and to ask and answer questions. We will continue to promote #50 Things to encourage language development at home and school. We will be making potions and spells and recording this in maths as well as introducing simple addition (one more) and continuing to order, read and write numbers to 10 and 20.

Autumn 1 Review

We have had such a good start to the school year in both our reception classes. The children have settled happily and confidently into new routines and have enjoyed getting to know the staff and each other.

The Funnybones theme has been an inspiration and delight for the children who have been engaged in all sorts of skeleton fun. Through the Funnybones stories, the children have had the opportunity to learn about themselves physically and emotionally, their families and their friends. They have explored their new school environment, making the most of our outside space as well as the indoor provision. There have been lots of fabulous writing going on and the children have especially enjoyed using bone pens to write down their skeleton stories. The children have been using numbers in all sorts of challenges, including counting how many jumps/hops/skips they can do in 30 seconds. They liked tasting different foods to find out what makes a healthy diet to make our bones grow well. Two books we especially enjoyed were, “The Jar of Happiness” and “Pete the cat’s White Shoes.” We made our own class jar of happiness. We are looking forward to seeing each other in Autumn Two for a theme of Magic and Sparkle!

Autumn 1

It has been great to welcome back the children after such a long period of time. We are incredibly proud of all the children and how well they have settled into their new Reception class fulltime. They all seem to be enjoying our classroom lunchtimes together and are showing lots of independence.


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Our theme for this half term is “Funnybones.” This is a fun storybook about 3 skeletons who all live in the same household. Through these books, we are learning about ourselves, our feelings and emotions and how to keep our bodies healthy.

English English

We will be reading books from the Funnybones series of stories and re-telling them orally. The children will have lots of opportunities to practice their writing skills in all the areas of the indoor and outside provision. This includes lots of fun activities to develop the motor skills that they need to be able to use a pen or pencil successfully. The children will read a reading book with an adult each week. Books need to be brought back to school  every Friday and a new book will be give out on the following Monday (due to COVID precautions) We have started our daily phonics programme so you can ask your child, “what sound did you learn at school today.”   Phonics Songs 

Maths Maths 2314

This half term, we are focusing on counting. This includes saying numbers in the correct order, counting out amounts accurately and saying one number for one object and counting out a small group of objects then matching the number to the group. For some children we will be working with numbers 1-5. When they are secure with this, we will be working with larger numbers up to 20. 

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