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Latest news from Reception

Summer 2

“All Creatures Great and Small!”

This half term, our theme is called ‘All creatures Great and Small’. We will be exploring and learning all about animals and mini beasts and their habitats. We will include animals from different parts of the world as well as animals that are found only in the UK. To gain a deeper understanding of this topic we will be visiting Tropical world, the school allotments and the animals and the animals (real and stuffed) at Cliffe Castle.

We will be using the following books and stories to drive the theme of “All Creatures Great and Small”

Summer 2 Books 

The children will be continuing to have exciting and purposeful opportunities to practice their writing skills, applying their phonics knowledge.

In maths, the children will be learning about numbers 11-20 and introducing the concepts of addition and subtraction linked to our theme. They will also be exploring patterns within numbers up to 10, including evens and odds, double facts and how quantities can be divided equally.

Summer 2 Thematic Planning


Summer 1 Review

“Down in the Cabbage Patch!”

Although our half term was shorter than normal we have been very busy! We have learnt all about different fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers that you might find in the garden. We started the half term by looking at the book Jack and the Beanstalk and planting our own broad beans. Over the course of the half term we kept a Bean Diary. In here we drew our beans over the weeks, added photos and wrote about the changes to the plant over time. We read lots of really interesting books over the half term; one of our favourite books was Oliver’s Fruit Salad. Whilst reading this book we wrote shopping lists, went to buy fruit and made and tasted our own fruit salad. We have learnt lots of different information about plants including what they need to grow and also the different parts of the plant. We used some seeds and beans in our number work too where we have been learning to add and subtract two numbers. During our Outdoor Learning we also went to the Garden Centre to buy lots of different plants to go in our garden including sweet peas. In the last week we also celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We made our own cakes, sandwiches and scones to have at our party and learnt lots of facts about the Queen. During the last day the Queen also visited our classroom!

Summer 1

“Down in the Cabbage Patch!”

This half term, our theme is called ‘Down in the Cabbage Patch’. We will be finding out all about nature, planting and growing. The children will be learning about how to look after plants, how plants grow and the produce we get from plants. To gain a deeper understanding of this topic we will be visiting a Garden Centre and the school allotments. We will also be planting our own seeds and watching them grow over the half term. We are going to take lots of photographs and make observational drawings to create our own bean diaries. We will be making our own fruit salads which will be scrumptious!

We will be using the following books and stories to drive the theme of “Down in the Cabbage Patch”

Summer 1 Books

In maths, the children will be learning about numbers 11-20 and introducing the concepts of addition and subtraction linked to our theme.

Summer 1 Thematic Planning


Spring 2 Review

"It's a Pirates Life for Me!"

Last term we learnt all about Pirates! Reception are now all fully fledged pirates ready to sail the seven seas.   We started the term with a visit from Captain Anne Bonnie, she brought us her treasure to look after and gave us lots of ideas of how to become pirates. We looked at a variety of books all about pirates including Night Pirates and On a Pirate ship. One of the most popular activities came from these books. We used them to help us to create treasure maps; we then followed these to look for treasure. In literacy we have focussed on writing labels including labelling pirates, maps and pirate ships.  In maths the children have developed a deeper understanding of 9 and 10, learnt about 3D shape and created repeating patterns. We had a brilliant end to the half term by having a Pirate theme day! The children dressed up as pirates, had a pirate party and then all the parents were invited in to help us celebrate. We sang our favourite pirate songs, showed our best work. We also had another visit from Captain Anne Bonnie who came back for her treasure.

Spring 2

A Pirate's Life for Me!

Welcome back, we hope you had a restful week at home. This half term, our theme is called ‘A Pirate’s Life for me’. We will be finding out all about pirates such as: what was it like living on a Pirate ship? How did the pirates find their treasure? What did pirates like to eat?

The children will be learning about different families, communities and traditions, whilst celebrating and valuing cultural, religious and community events and experiences.

We will be using books and stories to drive the theme of “A Pirate’s Life for me! 

Recept - Spring 2 - 01

The imaginative role play area has become a Pirates ship where the children can make treasure maps, eat food that Pirates would have eaten, plan their next adventure, count their gold coins and practice talking like pirates! They can grow their imaginations and practice using new vocabulary. There will be opportunities to apply newly learned literacy and mathematical skills in purposeful situations.

In maths, the children will be exploring number bonds to 10, learning about 3D shapes and creating their own repeating patterns.

The children will be continuing with the phonics programme and will be confidently blending new sounds into simple words. They will be able to read some tricky words on sight. We will continue to learn to read and write new tricky words. We will be working independently to write sentences.

We have planned a mini bus trip to visit Riddlesden Woods where we hope to see some pirates!

Spring 2 - Thematic Planning - A Pirate's Life for Me!

The Pirate den

Spring 1 Review

Here Come the Bears

Last term we learnt so many facts about bear! Reception are now the go to classroom for bear information.  

Recept - Spring 1 Review - 01We started the term by looking at the book the Bear Hunt. We then moved onto story books linked to this including Bumble Bear and The Cave. In these books we found out a little about where bears live and the things they like to do. We then moved onto non-fiction books. We learnt about Grizzly bears first then we moved on to China where we learnt about Pandas and linked this to Chinese New Year. Finally we learnt about Polar Bears and compared them to the other bears we had learnt about.

The role play “Winter Café” was popular with the children. They especially liked taking customers orders and using the tills.

The children have taken part in lots of food preparation and baking this half term. We particularly enjoyed making balance buns, coconut balls and bear snacks.

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year! We created lots of different types of artwork including Chinese writing, lanterns and cards. We learnt about the Chinese New Year story and had races in the playground pretending to be the different animals in the race.

The children are making great progress with their phonics and reading and are beginning to segment and blend simple words to help them read our Rocket Phonics books which they are taking home.

In maths the children are working really hard. This half term we have continued to gain a deeper understanding of numbers 1-10. We have practiced adding, one more and one less and ordering numbers. We have also been learning about measure and have looked at the weight, capacity ang height of different items. 

We had a brilliant end to the half term when we went on our own Bear Hunt!  We followed clues around the playground which lead us to a bears cave full of bears! We all got our own bear to look after or the week and spent the week showing them around the classroom. We finished the week with a Teddy Bears Picnic and then got to take our bears home.

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