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Summer 2

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Spring 1


The children have thoroughly enjoyed our bear topic this half term. They have read and written lots of different stories and have learnt lots of facts about bears.
In maths, we have consolidated recognising numbers to 20 and beyond. We have practically learnt how to add amounts and some children have even learnt to write their problems as a number sentence.
We have enjoyed making some delicious food this half term. We have made buns, biscuits, porridge and toast with marmalade. The children learnt how to use the weighing scales to measure the weight and they were introduced to the mathematical language.

Autumn 2

We have loved our second half term in Reception.

We started the half term by launching our ’50 things to do before you are 5.” We enjoyed a variety of activities inside and outside including creating magical potions that bubbled and popped. Inside we created musical instruments from junk modelling boxes and shared our favourite stories.

We have continued to enjoy our phonics lessons learning all of our phase 2 words and moving onto phase 3. We are enjoying our reading journey and are gaining confidence in our segmenting and blending.

Our theme this half term has been ‘Magic and Sparkle’ and we have been enjoying books about magic, witches and wizards. Our particular favourite book has been ‘Room on the Broom.’ Which we now know nearly word for word. As well as finding out about numbers in maths, we have been exploring shape and size.

In maths we have enjoyed going on a shape hunt around the school environment. Looking out for 2D shapes. We have also enjoyed creating 2D out of toothpicks and playdough.

During music we have enjoyed listening to a variety of music and we enjoyed dancing to the Spanish ‘Jota’.

In our outdoor learning lessons we have enjoyed exploring our local area. We particularly enjoyed creating tree monsters on the trees in Victoria Park using playdough and leaves that we had scavenged. We’ve continued to have fantastic support with our morning Basic Skills sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’s lovely to see so many Mums, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Grandmas and Grandads attending to support our children.

Autumn 1

We have had a fantastic first half term in Reception, making new friends, getting to know our teachers and settling into the new school routine.

We have used the book, “Funnybones,” as our theme, and we can tell you the story using actions. We have found out about ourselves and our own skeletons, and know how we can keep our bodies fit and healthy. We have made a super start with our phonics, and along with our new reading books, we are all enjoying learning how to read. As well as finding out about numbers in maths, we have been exploring shape and size. In Outdoor Learning, we have had adventures at Cliffe Castleand in Devonshire Park, looking for changes in the Autumn season, rolling down hills and doing a Funnybones treasure hunt.

We’ve had a great start with our morning Basic Skills sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It’s lovely to see so many Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandads attending to support your children.

Summer 1

Last term our topic was " In the cabbage patch." The children  had an exciting time learning and investigating living and non-living things. We planted different seeds in our reception garden and we are now waiting patiently to see which fruit, vegetables and flowers grow. 

In outdoor learning we visited the allotment and the garden centre,then created our own role play garden centre within the classroom, as well as the growing area outside.This has given the children exciting opportunities to compare, measure and weigh different fruit and vegetables. Many children enjoyed taking on different roles in the garden centre including manager, customer and cashier. This enabled them to handle money and provided them the opportunities to learn new vocabulary and mathematical concepts.

We enjoyed many different books, fiction and non-fiction including Oliver's Vegetables, The Bean Diary and of course.... our favourite story Supertato......... Watch out for those evil peas!!!!!

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