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Summer 2


This half term, our topic is called “Warriors!” which is looking at how Vikings invaded, raided and occupied the British Isles and the surround areas.

In English, our story will follow the Merida and how she conquers the prejudice surround her role as well as growing as a person and learning the core family values and how to maintain good relationships. We will be combining everything we have learnt over the past year to write a alternative ending to the story.

In Maths, statistics and shape will be our focus. We are going to look at different kinds of charts and tables and applying our past skills to solve questions based on them. Following this, we will be looking at properties of 3D shapes and how we can recognise them 

Our Science topic is Sound! We will be looking at how sound is made and how our ears hear. We will be conducting lots of experiments to showcase our knowledge. 

Summer 2 Thematic Planning

Spring 2 Review

During Spring 2, we have really enjoyed our ‘Romans’ theme as it allowed us to find out all about the past and practise our skills as historians. One of the most exciting experiences was when we took part in Roman Day. Some of us came to school dressed as real life Romans, wearing togas, armour and carrying protective shields.

This half term has also been full of excitement in other areas of the curriculum. We loved ‘Maths Day’ and had lots of fun learning about times tables and mathematical investigations. We designed and created our own number T-shirts and wore them to school so we could test each other on our times table facts. Our classrooms were transformed into a carousel of activities which we were able to move around and develop our mathematical skills.

The text we studied in English was called ‘Escape to Pompeii’ and allowed us to make cross curricular connections with History and Geography.  The newspaper reports that were created at the end of the unit, told of the story of Mount Vesuvius erupting over Pompeii and the destruction that it caused.

Our focus for learning in maths was multiplication and division. We now feel more confident when approaching formal written methods including column multiplication of 1 by 3 digit numbers, and the bus stop method for division.

We finished off the half term with two very exciting Science Days! Our classrooms were hives of activity as we tackled a number of different science investigations and experiments about solids. Liquids and gases, condensation and the water cycle. We had great fun pretending to be particles moving around or packed closely together depending on whether we were a gases, liquid or solid.

Spring 2

This half term, our topic is called “Bright Sparks” which is looking at inventors, electricity and renewable energy!

In English, our story will follow the Baudelaire orphans and how they use imagination and creativity to escape the unexpected events that life throws at them. We will be looking at creative writing, diary writing and the grammar and punctuation that link to these writing styles.

In Maths, Fractions and Decimals will be our focus. We are going to look at what a fraction is and how we can add and subtract them. Following this, we are looking at decimals and the link they have with fractions.

Our Science topic is electricity! We will be building circuits using a wide range of components and designing and creating our own inventions using mechanical and electrical systems. 

At the end of the half term, we are going to be performing a play all about being green. Keep an eye out for posters!

Spring 2 - Thematic Planning - Bright Sparks

Spring 1

In Spring 1, we will be focussing on Ancient Rome and the invasion of Britain in our Theme lessons and this links in perfectly to our Pompeii unit in English.  Again, we will continue to focus on wellbeing in PHSCE lessons as well as concentrating on physical health, too.  Our Science topic will be States of Matter and this will contain an in-depth focus on the water cycle, exploring how materials can change state between gases, liquids and solids and at what temperature this happens.   Maths lessons will consist of focussing on Multiplication and division.

Spring 1 - Overview Planning - The Romans

Autumn 2 Review

We have enjoyed a wonderful first half-term back in school and Year 4 have settled well and made us very proud with their positive attitude towards their learning.

During Autumn 1, our theme of ‘I’ve Got a Feeling’, provided a wide range of opportunities for Year 4 to talk about and share their own emotions and feelings. They produced some amazing and very colourful pieces of art, using colour and shape to reflect the level of intensity of each emotion. We had everything from deep red and sharp, black straight lines to represent anger and fear, to green nature themed images to signify calm and peacefulness.

Through English we continued our learning about feelings and emotions by reading the thought provoking ‘Sad Book’ by Michael Rosen.  Year 4 made some very thoughtful predictions and mature observations about the content of the story. They showed great empathy towards the author following the death of his son.

This half terms learning about Maths has enabled the children to solidify their understanding of place value and they are now much more confident when manipulating numbers in excess of 1000. They have experienced partitioning and rounding as well as looking at negative numbers. 

Our science focus gave us the chance to travel on a journey through the human digestive system, as there was much to learn about the mouth, the oesophagus, the stomach and intestines. Year 4 approached this topic and its related experiments with great enthusiasm – ask them about the eggs in vinegar and how we replicated digestion using a pair of tights. This exciting area of learning culminated in a piece of creative writing that showcased their knowledge, humour and vivid imaginations.

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