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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 class page

Your Year 2 Teachers are: Your Year 2 Associate Staff are:
Mrs Herrington (2HH) Mrs Ali
Miss Pickles (2MP) Mrs Pollard
Mrs O'Conner - will be teaching 2HH on Fridays Mrs Shanaz
Mrs Danby
Mr Wilson
Mrs Bilkis
Miss Regina

Latest news

Spring 1

This term in Year 2 we have been learning about fantastic fantasy.

> Download video of Year 2 singing about dragons


Autumn 2

This half term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We know lots of interesting historical facts and when, how and why the fire started. We made Tudor Houses and set some of them on fire (safely!!) We saw how quickly a fire can spread and thought of lots of brilliant adjectives to describe what we could see, hear and smell. We enjoyed reading Toby and The great Fire of London, but our favourite story book was about a flea called Vlad who was living in London in 1666.

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting using objects, pictures and number lines. We know our number facts to 10 and 20 and we have got stuck into Times Table Rockstars. We have all had a good try at doing our SATS practice, and now know what our next steps are to improve our scores.

Science has been great fun – we have learned all about recycling, reducing and reusing. You may see some of our posters around school, letting people know about how to recycle.

We are about to perform our Christmas Show – Bethlehem B&B. We are all very excited and it is great to hear some loud, clear voices and beautiful singing.

Autumn 1

This half term we have been learning about pirates in our theme lessons. We have been finding out about how pirates lived by researching them using the Ipads. The famous pirates that we found out about were Captain Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Calico Jack. We have completed a drama workshop with Alex Fellowes and found out about the different types of jobs that pirates did on board their ships.

In Science we have been finding out about different materials and whether they are natural or manmade. We carried out an investigation to see which materials would be best to make a pirate ship. We also looked in the outside environment to discover what was made from all the different materials.

In Maths we have been working on number and place value using a variety of resources. We are also learning our 2x, 5x and 10x tables. We have also been counting forwards and backwards in 10s and 1s from a variety of different numbers.
The children have worked really hard this half term and we are very proud of them.

New teacher in Year 2 Mrs Herrington is replacing Mrs Ickringill.

Summer 1


As part of our English lessons, we have read, discussed and produced written work based on the book Orion and the Dark. We have made predictions and have created our own narrative changing an element of the story.  


In our Theme lessons, we have been finding out about nocturnal animals and were lucky to have a visit from the local Owl Sanctuary. 



Science lessons have involved learning about living things in their habitats and we increased our knowledge further by participating in an interactive workshop at Cliffe Castle museum. 



In Maths we have been developing our basic arithmetic skills and solving simple calculations using a range of strategies.We have enjoyed learning how to work out fractions of amounts, shapes and quantities. 



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