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Staff Team

We are very lucky to have a large, skilled and committed staff team here at Eastwood. The adults listed under each year group are teachers, teaching assistants, early years practitioners or special needs assistants. We are also very fortunate to have a strong team of volunteers who also regularly assist in and out of class. Regardless of their role, they work as one big team to support the learning and wellbeing of all the pupils across that year group.

Staff members are always available at the beginning and end of the day should you wish to speak to them or at other times via appointment.

Pre-school & Nursery:

Mrs Herrington (Assistant Headteacher EYFS)
Mrs Dawson (Pre-school Manager)
Mrs Farzana (Pre-school Deputy)
Miss Sameera (Lead Nursery Nurse)
Mr Holmes
Mrs Tariq
Miss Ruby
Miss Kulsumah
Ms Rajun
Mrs Shahnaz


Mrs Herrington (Assistant Headteacher EYFS)
Mrs O’Connor (Teacher)
Mrs Budimir (Teacher)
Miss Halima
Miss Hopkinson
Mrs Aisha
Mrs Meriyum (1:1)
Mrs Elisa (Mat Leave)
Mrs Shaida (Mat Leave)

Year 1:

Mrs Richardson (Teacher)
Mrs Ickringill (Teacher)
Ms Zanib
Miss Tahira
Ms Rugina
Ms Bilkis
Mrs Fatima (1:1)

Year 2:

Mrs Saleem (Assistant Headteacher KS1)
Mrs Reilly (Teacher)
Miss Pickles (Teacher)
Mrs Ali
Miss Danby
Mrs Waters
Mr Hussain
Mrs Nasreen (1:1)

Year 3:

Mrs Jahangir (Teacher)
Mrs Moore (Teacher)
Mrs Lyon (Teacher)
Miss Aisha
Mrs Rehana (1:1)
Mrs Malik (1:1)
Ms Nighat

Year 4:

Mr Hawker (LKS2 Phase Leader)
Mr Briggs (Teacher)
Mr Wilson
Mrs Pollard
Miss Vickers (Mat Leave)
Ms Zulaikah
Mrs Sadia (1:1)
Mrs Fletcher (Outdoor Learning Practitioner LKS2)

Year 5:

Miss Ahmed (Teacher)
Mr D Perkin (Teacher)
Mrs Shepherd
Mrs H Miah
Miss Robina
Miss Brunskill (1:1)

Year 6:

Mrs Wright (Assistant Headteacher UKS2)
Miss Rukhsana (Teacher)
Mr Ali
Mrs Gilmartin
Miss Aminah

Staff not listed above:

Mrs Carter (Headteacher & DSL)
Miss Butler (Deputy Headteacher, DDSL & SENDCO)
Mrs Smith (Outdoor Learning Centre Manager)
Mrs Khan (Family Centre Manager)
Mrs Cowen (Pastoral & Family Support Worker)
Mr Walker and team (Caretaker and site team)
Miss Asma (Attendance Officer & Admin team) (Mat Leave)
Mrs C Hainsworth (School Business Manager)
Mrs L Haunch-Southern (Finance Administrator)
Mrs N Saddique (Office Administrator)
Mrs F Raza and team (Lunchtime Supervisors)

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