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Term Dates

2023 - 2024

Autumn Term 1
Staff Training Days Monday 4th September
Tuesday 5th September
School Opens Wednesday 6th September at 8.50am
School Closes Thursday 19th October at 3.15pm
Staff Training Day Friday 20th October
Autumn Term 2
School Opens Monday 30th October at 8:50am
School Closes Friday 15th December at 3.15pm
Spring Term 1
School Opens Tuesday 2nd January at 8:50am
School Closes Friday 9th February at 3.15pm
Spring Term 2
School Opens Monday 19th February at 8:50am
School Closes Friday 22nd March at 3.15pm
Summer Term 1
School Opens Monday 8th April at 8:50am
School Closed **(Eid) Wednesday 10th April**
School Closed Monday 6th May (May Day)
School Closes Friday 24th May at 3.15pm
Summer Term 2
School Opens Monday 3rd June 8:50am
School Closed **(Eid) Monday 17th June**
School Closes Tuesday 23rd July at 3.15pm

** School will close for 1 day around the 10th April & 1 day around 17th June for Eid. Parents will be notified as soon as possible of the exact closure date once Eid dates have been confirmed by mosques. We would want families to know and understand that this date needs to be flexible at the time of writing to ensure that our staff and families who celebrate this festival will have time to prepare and celebrate in the event that Eid actually falls slightly earlier or later than predicted. This will also ensure there is no negative impact on school attendance, which we highly value.

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