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The staff working in Year 1 are:
Mrs Jahangir
Mrs Lyon
Miss Elisa
Mrs Blick
Mrs Waters
Miss Champa

Latest news from Year 1

Spring 2 Review


We were learning about fractions. A quarter is one piece of 4 equal parts. 1/2 is two equal parts that have been split. We started with splitting different shapes. Then we split objects into 2 groups and 4 groups.


Art – Georgia O’Keeffe 

#First we labelled the pictures with colours and the different parts. Then we wrote about what we liked and disliked about the flowers. Then we learnt how to draw thick and thin lines, swirly, straight and curly lines, zig zag lines and wavy lines. Then we drew the outline of our flowers – we looked at the part we zoomed in on. We used primary colours to mix our own secondary colours and paint our flowers. Finally we made some flowers using quilling.

Art Georgia OKeefe

Science - Plants 

#First we planted a bean seed. We went to Victoria park to look at the plants that were growing. Mrs Smith told us all about the different trees: oak trees, evergreens, beech trees, apple trees, and lily trees.  We labelled the parts of a flower and a tree. We measured our bean to see how much it had grown. Then we planted them in the allotment.

Science Plants


Spring 1Review

History - Old and New

Miss Mel brought old things in for us to look at. She brought and old telephone, iron, a clock, a record player and an old tea set that belonged to her grandma.  We learnt that you couldn’t take the telephone upstairs because it has to be plugged in.
We also looked at old and new buildings in Eastwood. We decided that the Leisure Centre was new because it was made from glass, metal and plastic, but Victoria Hall is old because it is made from stone and wood.  


Multiplication and Division

We have been learning how to count in 2s and arrays to help us with times tables. We used arrays to make groups of 2. |We used lots of different objects to help us group things in 2s, like socks, playdough and counters. We also did sharing in groups of 2, this is called division.

Multiplication and Division

Everyday Materials

We learnt what different things were made from; wood, glass, plastic, metal, rock, fabric and rubber. We learnt about the properties of materials, like absorbent, opaque and transparent. We identified the materials that our school building is made from – we went outside and stuck post it notes on the school.

Everyday Materials

Autumn 2

This half term our theme is “Friends and Family”, which will focus on understanding what a family is, and how important our friendships are.

All About Friends All About Families  


In English, our key text is “All about friends”, a non-fiction book explaining what it means to be a friend and the qualities we need to be a good friend. The children will learn the differences between a fiction and non-fiction book, how to navigate a non-fiction book, and will ask and answer questions about the text. They will write their own recipe for being a good friend, using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

In maths the children will be learning about addition and subtraction. Recapping number bonds for 10 and learning number bonds for 20. Understanding that addition means the total will be bigger and for subtracting it will get smaller. They will learn how to solve problems using addition and subtraction within 20.

Weather Seasons  

In Science we will continue to observe the weather and understand how seasonal changes affect us. They will learn what the 4 seasons are, when they happen and the features of each season.

In theme the children will explore their local environment. As Geographers, they will learn to find where they live on a map and explain where they live. Keep an eye out for an important delivery explaining what they have learnt. As Historians the children will learn about how things were different a long time ago for their parents and grandparents, identifying objects that belonged to the past. In PHSCE they will be exploring what it means to be different and recognising why diversity is important.

The children will also be learning and practising for their festive performance.  Using drama and singing skills to bring their characters to life.

Thematic Planning - Autumn 2

Autumn 1 Review - Incredible Me!

Last half term our theme was “Incredible Me!” which focused on learning to celebrate ourselves.

This is Me

In English, our key text was: This is me!  The children learnt to write simple and complex sentences. They learnt how to make predictions, answer questions about the text and write their own independent stories using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

In Maths we learnt about place value. The children learnt how to solve problems using numbers to 100, explaining and justifying their answers.

In PHSCE the children considered why rules are important both in and outside of the classroom. They discuss what makes a good friend and why having friends is important. In theme the children  learnt about things in the recent past comparing what they could do as babies with what they can do now. The children explored a number of portraits by the artist David Hockney, looking at expressions, colour and texture to recognise different emotions.The children then created their own mixed media portraits showing emotion through colour and texture.

We have observed the weather and seasonal changes that have taken place in our local environment. Keeping a weather chart to record our findings. The children also be learnt about their bodies, labelling the main body parts e.g. arms, legs, head.

The children settled into life in Year 1 very well, and have made progress with their learning already.

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