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The Curriculum

01486Eastwood provides a full, broad, balanced and creative curriculum.

We ensure that the curriculum reflects the many different cultures in today's society and that all children's heritage and language are fully valued and respected. We aim to provide equal opportunities for all pupils and adults in our school community. We place a high value on first hand experiences, and regular outdoor learning experiences are planned for the children throughout the year. Older children also have the opportunity to take part in a residential trip.

The teaching of personal, social, health, sex and relationships education in the school follows national curriculum guidelines. All staff in school promote an attitude of care and respect for others. Parents do however have the right to withdraw their children from these sessions should they feel it necessary to do so. Alternative provision will be made in consultation with the Headteacher.

The approach to the teaching of Religious Education and worship follows SACRE, Bradford guidelines being neither denominational nor dogmatic. Parents also have the right to withdraw their children from these sessions should they feel it necessary to do so.

Outdoor PE takes place on the hardcore playground and occasionally in Victoria Park. All children must wear school PE kit (see the uniform policy) which can be ordered from the school office. Older pupils use additional facilities at the Leisure Centre. They also have the opportunity to go swimming in small single sex groups.

We teach ICT through a range of media including laptops, desktops, film technology, kindles, notebooks and tablets. As such we are very aware of the need to ensure your children are safe on the Internet and in using this technology. We teach the children the rules of internet safety as an integral part of the curriculum and run parent sessions to ensure your children are as safe as they can be at home as well.

We teach a range of modern foreign languages in school including Bangla, Urdu, French and Spanish.

Arrangements for Children with Special Education Needs

All teachers are aware of the ability and needs of the children in their care, and provide an appropriate learning situation for each individual. We are working within the Code of Practice issued by the DCSF and Bradford LEA guidelines and all children with identified Special Educational Needs have an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Parents of children identified as having SEN are invited to school to discuss the issues with a view to consulting outside agencies, possibly leading to extra classroom support.

These arrangements also include provision for the more able and gifted children.

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